When down on my knees I pray

Poem # 23 I think today, God speaks I listen

When down on my knees I pray

Written by PEGGY: December 30th, 2016 , 3:30Am

When I was a little girl, down on my knees I would go

In that attic bedroom so cold and still,

On the side of my small bed, My tummy still fed

To my God I would sigh, Thank You GOD for this day.

Thank You for Your protection of my family and friends I would say.

Please watch over me tonight as my prayers reach You in Your Great heights.

As far as heaven is , Your Love reaches down to me.

Down on my knees now, is where I need to be, it’s there down on my knees that I can clearly see.

It’s on my knees that things become clear, most likely accompanied by a tear.

It’s down on my knees that You tell me not to fear.

“I am with you always,” You say, I love you child and always will.

On your knees in the presence of Me , that’s where you need to be.

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Just one of 2poems today ,Dec 27th, 2016

Written by PEGGY,Dec 26, 2016 10:30 Pm

God has an Army in Heaven

They wait among the halls of Heaven to be called.
Strong and Mighty are they
In every possible way.

They wait for the Word of God
Always ready for that day.

When God will turn to them and say
Today will be the day.

When they hear that MIGHTY Word
On Thier Armor will they gird
Togo before the Lord that day.
Ready for battle in fully array.

Thousand times thousands of them
awaits for that special date.
They wait for that day of fate.IMG_6334