How could it be ?

How could it be

March 4,2018 ( written by Peggy )

How could it be Lord

How could it be that you have chosen me

How could it be that you have loved me

How could it be My Lord that you have blessed me 

How could it be that You have saved me.

How could it be that You are always with me

How could it be that You live inside of me 

How could it be?



Thank You Father

Thank You Father

Written by :Peggy 4:41 Pm February 3, 2017

Thank You Father,  I thank You  Father

Today was an amazing day ,

I was able to fully Obey .

Oh , what a glorious feeling that is,  when you know 

there, is something you just have to do

Your lead by the Spirit , gently guiding the whole way

Your just listening and following what the Spirit has to say.

When it all comes together in such a specific way.

All you can do , is say Thank You Father for this special day.

You know these special instructions are coming right from You

You know for sure it is something you have to see through.

Thank You Father for using me in this way . 

It is I who was blessed so very much this day.

Come Father Come

Come Father Come
Written by Peggy: May 10, 2018

Come Father Come , Come for us today!
Come Father Come , this my prayer today,
That you would step off the Throne
And say “Today’s the day “
I bring will bring my Children Home today.
I pray that this day would be that day,
Come Father Come, Come for us today




Me and my White Horse



3:30 PM 6/5/2012


Poem by : Peggy Daczewitz-Hamlin

Me and my white horse are going to be a team such as you have never seen.

Me and my white horse will being riding behind Jesus when He comes to
rule and reign .

Me and my white horse will be something to see , riding along with thousands
of saints all in perfect unison and harmony behind the King of Kings .

Me and my white horse will be powerful and praises to the King we will sing .

Me and my white horse will ride and ride and ride every so galently ,

Me and my white horse will be together for eternity , riding and riding through
Heavens Majestic terrain .

Me and my white horse are something to see , won’t be long now ,the King is coming
to rule and reign.





At the Glorious Gate they wait

At the Glorious Gate they Wait
Written by :Peggy-10/23/2017……..9:04 pm

At the Glorious gate , they patiently wait
As far as I can see , they stand rejoicing
Faces, I seem to know from a time not so long ago.

Their joy unending not pretending
They seem to glow as their garments blow

I finally know just who they are , my excitement draws me ever so near.
They are there to Welcome me Home , and I have no fear.

I patiently wait for that special date
When I will meet all those who are at the Gate.



Awake My Child

Awake My Child
Written by Peggy:Feb 12, 2018 1:45 am

Awake My Child I whisper to thee
For My sake I petition thee.

As I slumber I hear those words
I rise in obedience oh My Lord

Waiting to hear what I am to receive
To perceive these thoughts that come to me .

Ready to obey, here I stand
Not knowing where my feet may land.

I just know that when You call
I am at the ready, rising slow and steady.

Be it night or be it day, when I hear you say
Awake My Child , I will rise

And face come what may!


Written By: Peggy November 26, 2014
When asked what you are thankful for , what would you say?
Would you hesitate to think your life through , or would you
answer quickly without delay?
I know without a doubt what I would say,
My Creator, My Savor , My Lord has blessed me in every way.
If you were to meet the Savior face to face today,
would you be thankful or would you have nothing to say.
Would you be proud of all you have done in HIS name ,
Or would you be regretful, sad, or just plain mad?
Think about Thankfulness for a minute or two,
What does it mean to you?