My Saviour, My King, My Everything

My Saviour My King ,  My everything.

Written by PEGGY Dec.17th,201

Oh for my Saviour I yearn evermore

For  that time you have promised forevermore.

That life as we know it will be no more.

I can barely imagine the Glory to come.

But not for all , only for some.

All will be called , but will choose not the way,

Oh what a shame for those lost ones that day.

I tried and I tried to guide them to Him

But they turned their back to deny Him.

Favoring thier own way , over a life with Him.

It’s never to late, till that last breath we take.

God is so patient, He waits and He waits.

But there will be that time , when all is at end , 

My Saviour, My King will renew everything .

When He returns to carry out His plan 

Will you be with Him or against Him , what will be your stand?

I pray you will be with the Saviour for all time,

I pray your desicion will be as mine.

To my Saviour I will go , my Saviour, My King , My everything

To live in the Kingdom for Eternity.

Written by Peggy….11/02/17….10:20am
As I take these steps each day
I pray I can make a difference today
That The Lord will use me to reach someone
I won’t stop until the work is done!
Much is the confusion in our world today
The Lord Jesus clearly is the only answer and the leads the way.
Hear His voice in the crackling leaves
Ever so gentle winds blowing through the trees.
As He whispers in your ear, I wonder ,
Will you hear?
You are saved by His grace , through your faith , it is a gift , from God
Come to Me , He says , for the time is at hand
The earth fades away , like sinking sand.

How could it be ?

How could it be

March 4,2018 ( written by Peggy )

How could it be Lord

How could it be that you have chosen me

How could it be that you have loved me

How could it be My Lord that you have blessed me 

How could it be that You have saved me.

How could it be that You are always with me

How could it be that You live inside of me 

How could it be?


Thank You Father

Thank You Father

Written by :Peggy 4:41 Pm February 3, 2017

Thank You Father,  I thank You  Father

Today was an amazing day ,

I was able to fully Obey .

Oh , what a glorious feeling that is,  when you know 

there, is something you just have to do

Your lead by the Spirit , gently guiding the whole way

Your just listening and following what the Spirit has to say.

When it all comes together in such a specific way.

All you can do , is say Thank You Father for this special day.

You know these special instructions are coming right from You

You know for sure it is something you have to see through.

Thank You Father for using me in this way . 

It is I who was blessed so very much this day.