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Bible Prophecy

Bible Prophecy: by Peggy 5/18/18

Pastors : Are you teaching Bible Prophecy in your church ?

If Not: Why Not ?

I am neither a Theologian, a Pastor , or Biblical Scholar. I am just avid student of the Bible,  teachable in All things of God,  Jesus Christ my Savior ,  hungry for The Bible  to reveal itself to me each day as I study. 

The Bible is God’s inerrant Word breathed through He ,Himself.

I study all things from Genesis 1-Revelation 22.

God has given me a Heart to study  intensely the parts of the Bible known as Bible Prophecy .

The Bible itself contains as much as 27-32 % Bible Prophecy from its beginnings in Genesis 1 ,  to its end in Revelation 22.

What ,  you may ask does this mean?

Prophecy is explained as things written in advance of its occurrence.

In the Old Testament alone  there is said  to be at least 108 Destinctive

 Prophecies of the First Coming of the Messiah.

In the New Testament there are nearly 500 Prophecies of His Second Coming . 

Now , I wonder , how is this Good News,  to all Christians,  

not being taught in most churches today. 

I cannot imagine Not knowing these things in which are to come,  and the Promises of our Mighty God to us.

If you would ask the average Christian what is Bible Prophecy,  they would be at a loss to explain it.

Many could recognize a few of the 1st coming Prophecies, such as the Virgin Birth,  the life of Christ,  the death on the Cross , and His resurrection.

But how many could answer  a question about the second Coming of Christ?

Why is this? When they are nearly double the Prophecies of the Second Coming than the 1st Coming.

I myself am Watching, Studying, Waiting , and most of all

YEARNING for that time.  How about You?

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