Dispensations of GOD’S Holy Bible

Teaching by the Late ,  Lester Sumrall

If we do not Understand  And Master the Doctrines of Escatology , we will not rightly divide scripture.

You have to understand the pattern throughout  the Bible

Prophecy is a Heritage handed down to us .

Prophecy is a heritage for us to study, for us to understand and for us to live by. 

I’m gonna study, love prophecy, and look for the Imminent return of  Jesus 

The Bible is to be understood , and the Father wants us to understand .

Study and Know the 7 Dispensations of The Holy Bible 

There’s no way to understand the Bible without understanding the Dispensations.

They are time  periods

They divide the whole Bible up into what it is , where it is and what it is.

If you do not understand the Dispensations, you cannot understand the Bible.

  1. Dispensation of Innocence 
  2. Dispensation of Conscience 
  3. Dispensation of Human Government 
  4. Dispensation of the Promise
  5. Dispensation of Law
  6. Dispensation of Grace 
  7. Dispensation of Kingdom of God

The Word of God is complete!

The Bible is established in Heaven, and there’s a copy of it in Heaven.

Jerusalem (God’s City)

I recently did a short study on Jerusalem
Gods City then , Gods City now, Gods city always and forever
Jerusalem is the Focal point of the world
Jesus was born there
Jesus died there
He rose again there
The church was born there
He will come back there and rule as a monarch for 1,000 years it that city
And we shall rule with Him
Perpetual battle over Jerusalem
But there will one day be a New Jerusalem, one where Jesus will rule 1,000 years


destroyed at least 40

times in its history
Completely destroyed 4 times
Not a stone standing

One calamity after another for 3,000 years

Most important city in the World
Battles on Spiritual as well as physical in the City of Jerusalem .
Religious and political tensions upheavals ,  run high all the time…..every day
Jews,Arabs, Christians,
The quiet of Jerusalem is overhung by the expectation of Sudden Destruction.
Everybody in Jerusalem to this day expects something Bad to happen there
Dome of the rock built in 691
Still standing today 2018
Over 1,300 years
Read the Bible on Jerusalem and you will be amazed
What it was, what it is , and what it is going to be .
Destroyed 586
Destroyed Ad 70
Jeremiah 12
Burdensome Stone to all Nations