Hold me close oh Jesus A song to sing at bedtime for peaceful sleep!

Hold me Close Oh Jesus
Written by:Peggy 10/31/17 11:15aM

Hold me Close, Oh, Jesus

Hold me all through the night
Hold me Jesus until the morning light

Hold me Jesus as this day ends
Hold me Jesus , so that I may rest
Hold me Jesus so that I can be my very best!

May sweet dreams of You come my way
A restful night followed by a Joyful Day,


Stairway To Heaven

Stairway to Heaven
Written by PEGGY: January 17, 2017- 3:20 Am

Stairway to Heaven
There is a Golden Stairway
Hidden from our view
It’s beauty is astounding, even in the morning dew.

Angels come and go on it, busy as can be.

Oh, wouldn’t it be great if we could only see.
The brilliance of its Stature

Bright and shining in the light.
Dotted with jewels , that shine out in the night.

Oh, how beautiful it must be,
If only, if only, I could see.IMG_4967