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My story


January 2, 2018

Where do I start?

Well , now is as good a time as any other.  I have been blessed with a long life , 6 decades plus,  so far . I am a transplanted Midwest girl , born and raised outside of Chicago, by hardworking blue-collar Parents ,  I have an older sister and an older brother:

I have lived in four states and one European country thus far. I have been through 42 out of 50 states. I have visited 6 countries.

I have a family of my own, many years living as a single Mother. I have been blessed with a loving husband ,  now gone to live with the Lord. Bob, my loving husband loved the Lord Jesus and was responsible for so many things in my life ,  but most of all leading me to my Savior , Jesus. I will never be able to thank him enough for that revelation. That a personal relationship with Jesus; the One who died for me and my sin, was and is the most important decision I could ever make . The only decision that really mattered, the Eternal decision. Since that time I have immersed myself in Gods Holy Word , His love letter to us all , his Holy Bible. When I open the Bible, Gods Words come alive , I can see , hear, and feel His direction and leading in all things

I was able to live out a dream I had , with so many surprises carefully unwrapped in those years. It only through Jesus that all these things were revealed and completed thru those years.

I have to tell you all that I am yearning for the Lord’s return, have been for over 20 years.

I know I am just traveling through this time here on earth. I pray that I have made a difference and continue to as long as the Lord desires me too .

My daily prayer is that every man, woman , and child would know JESUS as their and Lord

There is so much more to my story , more to come I am sure ,until that Glorious day when my Saviour calls me Home

Blessing to all ,Peggy

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