My Story

  • 13F617CE-B861-4056-ACB6-18CC02AB1840 I have been baking nearly my entire life, over 6 decades now , whew> that’s a long time . I was the little girl at my Mom’s side while she was stirring and mixing wonderful desserts for our family of five . I baked when I was happy , sad , stressed out or over the top for whatever reason > I BAKED I am a firm believer of using the one ingredient that makes EVERYTHING  taste good > BUTTER I have risen as early as 4:00 am to Bake > just to have some warm cinnamon rolls coming out of the oven for the kids when they arose to go to school. I have never baked as a career , although have had p/t jobs throughout the years whipping up yummies for someone out there that had a yearning for something sweet and tasty . In the old days > 20 years ago,I am sure dating myself here ,  I would bake to loud cranked up rock and roll , as loud as I  could get it without the house falling down , I danced and baked and was in pure BLISS  . Now I bake for another whole reason > I am practicing to be a baker in the Heavenly Kingdom of God . I can only imagine the facilities waiting for me there , gold tinged floors , with all the finest equipment in the ,most glorious and beautiful bakery in the Universe > I can only imagine > I hope to create some desserts that Jesus would be willing to put on the table prepared for all the saints . I can feel the joy of stirring and mixing in that glorious bakery , and I want to be ready when I am called Home , so I bake with what seems a frenzy sometimes . So since I have all these recipes and pictures I have decided to share them on this blog > please let me know if you think one or another is better than another > As I wait to be called Home to my Heavenly Home I will continue to Bake > hope you all enjoy some of my favorite treats >

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