Peggy’s Dream>January 2011

Peggy’s Journey with JESUS

I have had some vivid amazing dreams in the past two years > I rembember each one vividly, knowing the Lord Jesus Christ has planted this images in my mind for a reason, knowing my redemption is near , and that Jesus loves me more than I could ever know or comprehend .

First of all I must tell you that I LOVE SNOW, the more snow the more I love it . As a child growing up in the Chicago area , my Mom would bundle me up in the freezing cold and out I would go to build snowmen, snow forts , snow angels , and anything else I could think of to do with this wonderful white substance .
Just as the Bible tells us here;
Matthew 28:3

3 His appearance was like lightning, and his clothes were white as snow

Jesus talks alot about snow in the Holy Bible , thus I know it is loved by Him as well .

Throughout most of my adult life I lived in area’s absent of snow . For all those years I was craving to live once again where I could play in the snow . My dream came true in 2001 and I moved to where we have snow at least 2-3 months a year .I live in a place I call a little bit of heaven .

So now that you know how I feel about snow , I will get on with my dream >

I found myself in my dream in the wee hours of a January morning in the year 2011 , sailing on a very large Clipper Ship , it was so beautiful . I looked around a bit and saw that this clipper ship was all silver and gold . It was absolutely brilliant in appearance as you would imagine . I looked down at myself and I was dressed from head to foot in a white fur robe , muffler, and fur hat . I looked around the area and I saw that this Clipper Ship was sailing on solid ice , ice everywhere , it was crushing through the ice and snow . It looked like a scene one would see near the north pole . Absolutely beautiful . .After I took in the scene around me , I looked to the very front of the ship , the very point of the ship. Standing there smiling at me was Jesus , he was dressed in a white robe , sandles on his feet ,hair was not long nor short , somewhere inbetween . The image of Him was as He was when He walked on earth . Not a word was spoken , the smile He smiled at me melted my heart . I wondered how I was the only one on this vessel , still wonder today . When I began to wake from this dream I began to see the universe around me, sparkling stars of all colors , brilliant as diamonds.

Just like the song “I can hardly Imagine ” what it will be like > in our eternal home . Beauty beyond what we could ever imagine .