When I wakeI see Your face

When I wake see Your Face
It’s then I know I finished my race

At first I crawled
And then I stood
Soon after that I began to walk
Before long, I ran and ran .

Sometimes my feet sinking into the the wet sand
I continued until I could not go on,

Now my reward is to see Your Face
It’s then I know I finished my race.

Written by PEGGY July 16,2016
After hearing my neighbor lost 2 brothers in a week.

Oh Father God I pray

Written by: Peggy

January 29 ,2017 , 7:05am , finished at 11:35Pm

Oh Father GOD, I pray

That many will read this message today

And that they will say
Oh, Precious JESUS

I want to come to You right away
Without any more delay

With You I will always stay
My life changed in every way
My Savior wants no one to be lost
He sacrificed Himself at such a cost .

I will soar

I Will Soar
January 1, written by: Peggy 3:45 am

I Will Soar

When Your blood was poured out for me, I could clearly see the pure love that
Encompased me
Love so grand that I had to take a stand.

LOVE so bright, I could not look as to destroy my sight
I’m ready to fight, with all my might.

For You LORD always Who is in my sight.

My reward is with You, when I take my last breath, at the very moment at my death.
I will soar with You at that second into my Home.

The galaxies to explore and to roam, for Eternity by Your side.
I will reside.

When down on my knees I pray

When down on my knees I pray
Written by PEGGY: December 30th, 2016 , 3:30Am

When I was a little girl, down on my knees I would go
In that attic bedroom so cold and still,

On the side of my small bed, My tummy still fed
To my God I would sigh, Thank You GOD for this day.

Thank You for Your protection of my family and friends I would say.

Please watch over me tonight as my prayers reach You in Your Great heights.
As far as heaven is , Your Love reaches down to me.

Down on my knees now, is where I need to be, it’s there down on my knees that I can clearly see.

It’s on my knees that things become clear, most likely accompanied by a tear.

It’s down on my knees that You tell me not to fear.

“I am with you always,” You say, I love you child and always will.

On your knees in the presence of Me , that’s where you need to be.Whe