My Saviour My King ,  My everything.

Written by PEGGY Dec.17th,201

Oh for my Saviour I yearn evermore

For  that time you have promised forevermore.

That life as we know it will be no more.

I can barely imagine the Glory to come.

But not for all , only for some.

All will be called , but will choose not the way,

Oh what a shame for those lost ones that day.

I tried and I tried to guide them to Him

But they turned their back to deny Him.

Favoring thier own way , over a life with Him.

It’s never to late, till that last breath we take.

God is so patient, He waits and He waits.

But there will be that time , when all is at end , 

My Saviour, My King will renew everything .

When He returns to carry out His plan 

Will you be with Him or against Him , what will be your stand?

I pray you will be with the Saviour for all time,

I pray your desicion will be as mine.

To my Saviour I will go , my Saviour, My King , My everything

To live in the Kingdom for Eternity.