B32775D7-5479-4BAB-A27D-FDE09BB64197603138CD-2C56-414F-82EB-B39C4456DFB2January 1, 2018

A tale of Two Angels 

I believe in angels! I know that God has created angels to aid Him in all things, The Bible tells us they were created for many purposes.  Messengers to bring good news to believers.

Messengers to warn believers of imminent danger. Warrior angels to fight off evil and to protect believers , Angels that surround God’s throne .  Angels to innumerable to number the Bible tells us .  

I believe that at our birth we are each assigned our own angel,

Maybe more than one , but at least one for sure!

I have always felt protected  by Gods angels , a knowing that they were there for me ,  sent by God to look after all things for Peggy.