Every very day I hope and Pray

Written by PEGGY: 4:00 am ,  January 7th, 2017

Everyday I Hope and Pray ,  that I can be the one You can see.

As the sun rises in the East and and sets in the West that 

I can pass today’s test.

That I can hear,  and see and touch ,  all that is dear.

That I can make a difference in this day.

For someone to say :

My Redeemer lives,  I know He came for me.

I know that He can see,  the person I have grown to be.

I know each and every day will bring an opportunity  for me to fulful.

The thing that GOD requires of me.

For all out there to see.

As I walk forth this day,  I pray

The one person will say,

My Redeemer Lives,  and my Redeemer forgives.



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