Sunkissed Wedge Mountain

Good Morning all ,  This morning I did not go for a walk as per usual , pretty icy out there with about 4 new inches of snow on top of the 14 or so we have gotten in the last 2 weeks . I happened to look outside about 7:15 and saw the sun shining on the mountains . I grabbed my camera and ran out side to see if I could capture the moment, and I do mean moment , it was gone in a few minutes , but was able to get a decent image of Wedge Mountain with the sun shining on it . When this happens , the Mt looks Pink > it is almost indescribable > one of the most beautiful things  I have ever seen. Have I mentioned lately how Very BLESSED  I am to be living in such a Beautiful area of the World . Thank You Lord Jesus for this gift .

Blessings to all , Peggy Pink wedge mountain