John 17:17

How Ironic that todays Scripture would fall on 1-17-2014  , John 17:17  . You see , my husband Bob, had a Brain Bleed( Stroke ) on 1-17-2009 ,  He was hospitalized in a major trauma center for 39 days . He was healed by the Lord and came home to be with me 5 years more +. He is still with me here at our home . He is on dialysis now after suffering Kidney failure 18 months after his stroke . When I look at the number of todays Scripture I am reminded that :

All things work together for the good for those that believe in Me and are called according to my purpose .(Romans  8-28 ) . All things , not just some things work together for the good . I am reminded of that time of trial , that many came to the faith through Bob’s story , or at the minimum renewed their faith .. God knows the beginning to the end , we cannot take a breath that He would not be aware of . That difficult time for us , was a renewal time for others. Here we sit , together  each day loving one another more than when we met 18 years ago . Bob is still telling folks about Jesus when he is at dialysis or on the way in . I am working for the Lord each day by spreading His word any way I can . We are on a journey to spread the Gospel of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ . By the way , the number 39 in the Bible is mentioned many times , it was the number of times the Romans could whip someone , no more , or it would bring death . 40 – 1 = 39 , the number of days Bob stayed at the Trauma Center .

Blessings to all this day the Lord has made , Peggy and Bob

John 17 17