Merry Chistmas

Merry Chistmas

Many Blessing’s to all this Christmas Eve ,
As I was on a morning walk a fews years back after a heavy morning snowfall , with my camera at my side , the sky was Brillant Blue and I noticed quickly that the snowfall had Frozen to the trees . This is not a usual occurance here in Leavenworth, our snow is almost always Powder , falling off the trees quickly. Many times after a heavy night of snow the sun will rise and the sky will look like this , but this was different .
I quickly began to shoot images and prayed that some would reveal the Glory of what my eyes beheld . Got a few , this is one of my favorites from that beautiful morning . As I finished my 30 minute daily walk , I looked at tree and it was bare , the snow had all melted in just that short of a time
I was Blessed to have seen this scene to be sure .
Praying that all safe and secure this Christmas Season and experiencing the JOY that only the Savior of the world Jesus Christ can Bring .
Merry Christmas , Peggy


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