REVELATION 16:12-13>

 Hope all are having a Glorious Holiday Season < remember Jesus is the reason for the Season ! He was born in a Humble stable to save mankind > Jesus left His Throne in Heaven to save us from our sinful selves > He came to preach the Gospel and to show us the way to eternal life < He healed the sick , cast out demons , walked with the poor and ultimately was crucified on the Cross for us , so that we may inherit His kingdom and live with Him forever and ever >

Take a moment out of your busy day right now to Praise His Holy name

Praise  God

 PS . These two young children and their Dad was out on our sledding hill at 6:30 am last sunday morning , they could hardly sleep the night before anxiously waiting to go sledding at the crack of dawn , I was out trying to capture the beauty for all to see Enjoy