CLOUD >mass of water in sky: a visible mass of water or ice particles in the atmosphere from which rain and other forms of precipitation fall

 I LOVE clouds , as I walk out my door each day , I always remember to LOOK UP  , the sky is so very beautiful , and each day brings a new cloud mass and you never know , you may see Jesus coming in the clouds one day . He will return that way we are told and thousands of saints riding behind Him on white horses > Oh what a sight that will be !

 In the picture above you can see how very beautiful our clear skies are here in Leavenworth , Wa. . We have nearly 300 days of sky this blue , bluebird blue some call it . I call it Gods glory ! It is so beautiful as seen here with freshly fallen snow on the trees, rivers and Mountians>

 God has blessed me and my husband Bob with the joy that surrounds us here each season, May you to be truly blessed this day >