WRATH > 1. great anger: fury often marked by a desire for vengeance 
2.  religion divine retribution: God’s punishment for sin 
3.  vengeance: the vengeance, punishment, or destruction wreaked by somebody in anger

  I was stricken when  I heard a prophecy pastor <(60 Yrs and counting) describe in his words what the wrath of God would appear to be like >

He said if you put together all the terrible events in the history of mankind. Wars , famines, disease’s, (Like the Black Plague ), the most violent earthquakes, tornadoes , fire , etc, etc, , You would not even come close to what the Wrath of God will be like when it is poured out  in the end of time in just one event .

 I can assure you Our God is a loving , faithful , patient  God , But our God is a jealous and angry God as well < He will show His wrath , no doubt about it when the time comes >

 Do you want to know Jesus as your Saviour and Lord , He loves you and wants you to know Him. Get down on your  knees  right where you are , right at this moment , confess your sins , tell Jesus you know He died on the cross for your sin,tell Jesus  you want to give your life to Him and let Him be the Lord of your life . Invite Him into your heart 

 He stands at the  door and knocks , will you let Him in today?  Your life , as you know it will be forever changed , you will experience  Joy and freedom that you have never known before >

Jesus Loves You , He died on the cross for your  sin , He wants you to be with Him for ever in Eternity  .

 Believe me < you do not want to endure this wrath to come .