DECEIT>   1.  Dishonest practice: the act or practice of deceiving or misleading somebody. Also called deceitfulness
2.  Something done to mislead: something that is done to trick or mislead somebody 

    A blessed Morning to all today , I have  not been sleeping very well the last few weeks and God reminded me this morning on my daily walk , that when I do not sleep much is when I write my best poetry > so here goes for today : Blessings abound in all things , both good and bad .

 Thank You Father for wrapping me in Your arms with Love ,

Thank You Father for all the things from above.

Thank You Father for Your Grace

Thank You Father, it is so much better than ribbons and lace .

 In todays verse 14:5 we read that these 144,000 chosen ones have no deceit in their mouths for they are without fault before the Throne of  God.