1.   mathematics work out mathematically: to figure out or estimate a figure using mathematics 
2.   decide: to consider a situation carefully and decide what is likely to happen 
3.   think or suppose something: to think or suppose that a particular thing is the case 
4.   intend: to be planning or intending to do a particular thing

  I have been home with my husband who had not been well , but today was able to get to my computer for the latest update in our study of the Book of Revelation> I have missed writing this each day as I know many are anxious to read the next exciting verse in this last Book of the Bible >

Todays key word is calculate . From the dictionary we see there are many meanings of this word , from the numbers given in verse 17 it appears to be a mathematical answer .

It says for here is wisdom . Let him who has understanding  calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man , 666

 This is a difficult thing for me , as I am not a good math student , I try to interpret the Bible < the Word Of God as literal as I can unless there is reason not too > I believe with all my heart that the Lord God ‘of the Universe , the maker of all things , both on the earth and in the sea ,would not want us to be confused when we read His word. I imagine He would want us to understand , both when we are young , middle-aged and in our Golden years as well  . He would want us to know what He is saying , simple truth , not to be misunderstood and misquoted >

Pray for understanding and wisdom and knowledge as always when you are reading these verses>

 May God Bless all