WOE> 1.Unfortunate happening: a serious affliction or misfortune  
              2.  grief: grief or distress resulting from a serious affliction or misfortune 

  We are now reading about the 4th angel that is blowing the 4th trumpet and we again see that 1/3 is a number to remember . Here the sky’s are struck and the moon and the sun and the stars were all darkened by 1/3.  1/3 of the day and likewise the night did not shine . Then we read about another angel flying through the midst of heaven saying with a loud voice , WOE , WOE , WOE , to the inhabitants of earth , because of the remaining 3 trumpets yet to come

 As we have seen in the previous verses , 1/3 of all the trees and grass are burned up,1/3 of all the seas and creatures living in them , 1/3 of all the rivers and streams, and now 1/3 of the moon, sun and stars are darkened creating alot less light on the planet .

Yet , this angel flying through heaven is saying in a loud voice  WOE, WOE , WOE for those still on earth , the next three coming trumpet judgements are even worse than these 4 previous ones .