SILENCE >Quietness: the absence or lack of noise

Have you ever experienced an absolute absence of noise , almost impossible I think in this world , either we hear birds chirping , or homes creaking , children playing , dogs barking , think about it . Even in a cathedral there is noise , even if no one is talking or singing , noise is a part of our daily life . For Heaven to be absolutely devoid of noise for that long a period of time is unimaginable .  

  In chapter 8 verse 1  Jesus opens the final seal, the  seventh seal , after this will come many more judgements . We have been reading in Chapter 7 how the 4 Living Creatures , the 24 Elders and all the Angels in Heaven as well as all the Tribulation Saints have been either singing or worshiping or crying out to God on the Throne and the Lamb.

 But when He that is worthy to open the scroll ,and unseal the seals , opens the final seal , there is complete silence in Heaven . No one makes a sound for about 1/2 hour we read in this verse .

 Something is coming that silences everyone in Heaven . We will read about that in the upcoming verses.