SANG A  NEW SONG > A new song is being sung in heaven , a song purposely for the One , that is worthy to take the scroll and open it seals . For You were slain and redeemed us to God by YOUR  blood out of every tribe and people and nation.

 Notice the words every tribe and people and nation , that means EVERYONE  , in all the earth , EVERYONE ! Not one is meant to be lost , not one .

Jesus is perfect , sinless , and mighty , he left His throne in Heaven to live,  heal, give hope ,  and teach us the laws of His Father . HE paid the ultimate price for us all , by shedding his Holy Blood so that we may be saved .

We alone could never measure up , we are but filthy rags , sinners . When Eve was tempted in the Garden of Eden  and ate that fateful apple , sin was born and is forever with us .

We had no way to redemption, but God had another plan for us , He sent His only Son, Jesus to bear the sin of the world , and by His shed Blood we are saved .

 Thank you Father for sending your Son , Jesus , to us so that we may be saved and know  Him as our Savior and Lord .

 All of heaven is singing the new song , worthy is One in all the earth and heaven to open Gods final plan and carry it out .