Good morning everyone ,

 Hope everyone is getting through the busy holiday season. As it nears closer to Christmas Day my heart rejoices as my family is so very blessed , healthy, and happy and fruitful.

Hope everyone knows that Jesus is the reason for the season, he is the greatest gift we could ever recieve . The brightest present under the tree is  free, a free gift of salvation . He is knocking at the door of your heart waiting for you to ask Him in .

We here in Leavenworth , WA , are nearing the end of our very busy festival season. It has been a very busy time here , we are Christmas Town USA after  all . We are decked out and snow has fallen on our beautiful Magcial Village . We are Blessed !

 May God Bless each and every one this Holiday Season

  Blessing’s Peggy


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  1. Hey Scotte Meredith
    Wonderful I will check out your blog , we are truely one of the most beautiful places in Amercia, and so few know about us , so we try to do all we can to get the word out .
    Blessing’s Peggy

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