Hello world!

Hello friends ,

Hey hope everyone is well today . We do not have snow here in our Village yet , but it is on it’s way no doubt. This weekend starts our annual Christmas Tree Lighting Festival , our little village will swell to almost 15,000 vistors arriving anyway they can get here, car, train, bus or walking if they are really anxious to get here. If you have never been to Leavenworth ,WA during the Christmas Season , you have missed a Magical Experience . Not saying you should come with the Big crowds , although that is enough to make your season complete , have to be a little crazy to fight all the crowds . A better time is during the weekdays leading up to December 25th , a quiet and serene time, and there is no where I would rather be than watching the gently falling snow, (powder where we live ) Big, Big , Big snowflakes, coming down to cover our Bavarian Village here Central Washington State . This scene will take you to a place only dreamt about for most folks , stuff Fairy tales are made of .

I will part with that today , May God Bless you all ,


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